Holistic and Yoga Retreat in the south of France

It’s holistic time again in September at Le Hameau ! A program of yoga, massages, therapeutic cares, philosophy, silent walks in the Alpilles wilderness during 2 to 4 nights will set body and mind in tune again. 

Learn to let go

To treat yourself, body and mind, takes time. Time for you, and you only. Time to listen to your body, and treat it according to your metabolism, your personal potential. Les Merveilles creates programs that respect who you are, just you: your body, your soul, all one and unique personality. 

The A team is listening

As a specialist of yoga retreats in exceptional settings, Les Merveilles work with the best masters. Each of them highly qualified in different disciplines: massage,  yoga, meditation... 

A natural high

As urbans, we forgot how to live according to nature rhythms. An immersive program, Le Hameau des Merveilles, sets you back in tune with your own personal pace. Listen to nature, find your pace, treat yourself right, eat well, open your senses. Walk, breathe, meditate. 

Weekends at the hotel

From Friday to Sunday afternoon, a coach duo helps a small group of people (max 6) to go on an inner journey of self-discovery. 

Holistic and Yoga Retreat in the 5-stars hôtel of Hameau des Baux

The art of slowing down

September 27 to 29th


🦋 Learn to listen to yourself. Breathe better, sleep better, eat better

🦋 Be kind to yourself and the ones around you

🦋 Understand better you own capacities and set your goals 


• 2 nights at 5 stars hotel Le Hameau

• 3 healthy meals a day, essentially vegetarians.

• 3 Yoga sessions

• 2 meditation sessions and talk on how to slow down

• 1 three hour hike into the wild

• 1 Udantara care (1h30 of letting loose through levitation to overcome fears)

Reconnect and strengthen ties

November 1st to 3rd


🦋 Listen to your inner callings, reconnect with your body

🦋 Connect and know the core and sensitive subjects in a relationship

🦋 Learn from nature’s pace and seasons


• 2 nights at 5 stars hotel Le Hameau

• 3 healthy meals a day, essentially vegetarians.

• 3 yoga sessions focused on relaxation  

• 1 meditation session and 2 of sensory exploration

• 1 three hours hike into the wild

• 1 Udantara care (1h30 of letting loose through levitation to overcome fears)


Dancer, masseuse and yoga teacher, Geraldine Lethenet guides us though the discovery of our own nature. Her practice goes way beyond the mat, reaching for your inner self through creative workshops, meditation and Yin Yoga. 

Jean-Charles David is one of the few French practitioners of Udantara, a rare technique of inner centering through ground zero levitation. His unique knowledge regroups major therapeutic aspect of yoga, massage, meditation and acrobatics. 


Weekend of September 27 to 29


From 1390€


From 1185€ each

Weekend of November 1 to 3  


From 1330€


From 1155€ each

Retreat as private luxury farmhouse

Yoga retreats, meditation and walkabouts during 5 days and 4 nights in Le Hameau’s private provençal farmhouse.

Holistic and Yoga Retreat in the private luxury farmhouse of Hameau des Baux

Yoga, Meditation and silent hikes from October 9 to 13th


A complete program combining all the ingredients to refocus, tune in with your inner rhythms, strengthen physically, energetically, sustainably and deeply. 

🦋 Reconnect with our yoga fundamentals (everything is already there, within us)

🦋 Walk every day to regain our vital energy and open our senses


🦋 Reconnect body and soul according to the season, strengthen intuitions after the summer 


• 4 nights and 5 days in the private provençal farmhouse

• 3 healthy meals a day, mostly vegetarians

• 2 yoga sessions a day (unabridged yoga, yin yoga, yoga nidra)

• Meditation and initiation to silence, morning pranayama

• Daily walks into the wild

• Shiatsu massages

• Speaking groups 


Somaly Tiang releases an intuitive and personalized massage adapted to everyone’s needs. Somaly has been initiated to yoga and massage from a young age in pure Cambodian tradition. Later she learned Shiatsu with teacher Mario Duarte and anatomy with Myriam Valet. She learns the techniques of Thai Yoga massage in Chiang Mai and yoga Nidra. Her encounters complement her knowledge of energy alignment and correct posture, refining her mastery in touch. 

Nico Shanti has been exploring the worlds of yoga for more than 20 years, meeting with some illustrious masters (Shiva Shakti Ma, Micheline Flak, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Shri Prem Baba) He is an avid practitioner and teacher. He teaches a very personal and intuitive yoga, at the junction of several traditional yogas : Vinyasa, Raja Yoga, Pharoah’s Yoga, supramental Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


Retreat of October 9 to 13
Solo                                                   From 2390€
Duo From 1845€ each

Marvelous Experiences

An experience within reach

Le Hameau des Baux is only one hour away from Marseille, Montpellier, and 40 minutes away from Avignon TGV.

Tailored coaching

A limited number of attendees under professional care.

Healthy seasonal food

Healthier eating through vegetarian menus, cooked from the best local ingredients, with a creative twist. 

Massages and therapeutic treatments

Each body has different needs. Our treatments are tailored according to each person’s requirements and emotional needs. 

Healing with nature

Tighten the links with nature and found renewed joy of living with the help of the best specialists.


Yoga is a discipline and philosophy that helps release physical and moral tensions, liberating a great amount of energy within us. 

Walking in nature

A walk into the beauties of the Alpilles, but also an inner journey. 

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the at the core of all yoga practiced today in our western civilizations. Accessible to all, its is a succession of postures, often static, and breathing sequences. 


Meditation is simply a time to observe and focus. Not always easy to do in everyday life, the Merveilles retreats helps achieve this in a privileged and calm setting, with the help of a teacher.

Silent walks

Le Hameau des Baux is set in the heart of majestic Alpilles Mountains and its natural reserve, making it easy to take silent walks at any moment, from day break. A special time, immersed in exceptional landscapes. 

Yin yoga

It’s a gentle practice of muscle and tissues relaxation. It involves very simple postures of Hatha Yoga, either sitting or lying on the ground, performed in a relaxed way, with focus on breathing and self-observation.

Yoga Nidra

Also called awaked dream yoga, it is easy to practice. It’s a method of deep relaxation, acting on physical recovery, aiming to reach a state between sleep and consciousness, thus getting rid of fatigue and tensions. 

Supramental yoga

Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit, otherwise explained as “every aspect of life is yoga”. Supramental yoga, or complete yoga includes postures and holiness to every aspect of life, including our most inner selves. This yoga lead the way to better self-understanding, through experiments and rituals easily achieved everyday.

Arts, crafts and writing

DIY, artistic expression through writing or drawing allows any person to unveil unsuspected potential, often hidden in the subconscious. These workshops work wonders in the release of stress. 

Shiatsu care

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage therapy inspired by Chinese medicine. The goal is to regain balance and maintain good flows of energy throughout the body (The Qi) in the areas where necessary, through pressure on specific zones. 


Our philosophical happenings are improvised and articulated around Platon’s dialogues. They consist of open discussions based on of the great concepts and milestones of the history of thought. 


A discipline close to yoga, Ayurveda is a traditional Asian medicine. It can be proposed in the form of massages or workshops of dietary advice.

Udantara care

Exclusively in France for Le Hameau des Merveilles, Udantara is a unique protocol of self-centering and balance, using the gravitation zero technique. It re groups major aspects of yoga, such as massage, meditation, and levitation. A great way to reconnect body and mind. 


Reiki is a Japanese discipline of hand laying. Rei means “universal energy of life” and Ki “vital energy” (body, emotions, mind, spirit) Reiki promotes inner calm, balance and general wellbeing. 

Accompany season’s rhythms

Hikes and nature observation, workshops on herbal and plants therapy, healthy and natural cooking… all in the respect of season’s cycles.

Herbal therapies

Herbal medicine, consulting and support to pass on fundamental techniques of mental and physical well-being, ancestral wisdoms have all it takes to achieve a more harmonious lifestyle in our modern societies. 

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