#FOOD · 19. mars 2019
The season has started and it’s time for a new cooking encounter. Chef Christophe Chiavola has invited his Crillon-le-Brave Relais & Chateaux alter ego, one star chef Julien Marseault. They both decided to go for an all fish and seafood menu, like a sea breeze blowing on the Hameau.

#FOOD · 15. mars 2019
Le Hameau’s new place is called The Mess… in French, “La Cantine”. But not your average Cantine… This one has a bright and warm decor, with a pretty terrace to eat out in the shade and drink natural wines, brought to you by a nice and smiling waiter.

#FOOD · 27. février 2019
New Cicada and Cantine du Hameau’s chef is a passionate character with innovative approach to regional cooking. Christophe Chiavola continues the adventure led for five years by Stephan Paroche and carries high the gastronomic colors of the hotel. Alongside Cicada, an innovative and open table inspired by the world, he will also be in charge of the new bistronomic table of the place: the Cantine du Hameau.

#FOOD · 28. janvier 2019
Cicada, the Hameau’s gourmet table has been awarded with a prestigious Michelin star. A landmark highlighting Stephane Paroche’s work, who has been cooking during two years at Cicada, initiating an all fresh and natural signature style gourmet eating.

#FOOD · 26. novembre 2018
It is in a hotel metamorphosed by Christmas fairy that Stephan Paroche has devised exceptional menus for the holidays. And if this year you do not take care of anything? Put away the cookbooks, from December 24 to January 1, Cicada takes care of everything.

#FOOD · 15. novembre 2018
An exceptional culinary event will take place on November 24 at Cicada, the gourmet restaurant of the Hameau : Michelin starred chef Julien Allano of renown table Clair de la plume will cook along chef Stephan Paroche.

#FOOD · 17. septembre 2018
The next collaborative effort between Chef Stephan Paroche and his guest, starred chef Vincent Lucas, will be a spontaneous cooking party. Make sure to book a table at Cicada on September 29 to experience a one of a kind cuisine.

#FOOD · 20. juin 2018
Cicada’s summer menu is here! Chef Paroche has revisited a few signature dishes and summer classics with a fresh gastro twist. Last but not least he also has recreated one his childhood favorites, curated by his beloved grandmother.

#FOOD · 12. juin 2018
An exceptional culinary event will take place on June 30 at Cicada, the gourmet restaurant of the Hameau : Michelin starred chef Sebastien Sanjou, of Provence’s renown table Le Relais des Moines will cook along chef Stephan Paroche.

#FOOD · 30. mai 2018
Le Camion Bleu du Hameau reopens the first of June. Quite an event, officially starting the season of dining outside and enjoying late summer evenings.

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