#ART · 02. avril 2019
Since 2014, the Hameau has been showcasing contemporary paintings, sculptures and photography. An active curator, the hotel hosts a photography auction sale every year.

#FOOD · 19. mars 2019
The season has started and it’s time for a new cooking encounter. Chef Christophe Chiavola has invited his Crillon-le-Brave Relais & Chateaux alter ego, one star chef Julien Marseault. They both decided to go for an all fish and seafood menu, like a sea breeze blowing on the Hameau.

#FOOD · 15. mars 2019
Le Hameau’s new place is called The Mess… in French, “La Cantine”. But not your average Cantine… This one has a bright and warm decor, with a pretty terrace to eat out in the shade and drink natural wines, brought to you by a nice and smiling waiter.

#FOOD · 27. février 2019
New Cicada and Cantine du Hameau’s chef is a passionate character with innovative approach to regional cooking. Christophe Chiavola continues the adventure led for five years by Stephan Paroche and carries high the gastronomic colors of the hotel. Alongside Cicada, an innovative and open table inspired by the world, he will also be in charge of the new bistronomic table of the place: the Cantine du Hameau.

#LIFESTYLE · 21. février 2019
Are you short of ideas for a fun family getaway during the winter holidays? Press the magic button of our great familytime automatic generator! Our concierge, Jérémie, is the man with a plan for you to have an unforgettable time in a wonderful setting, with tons of activities for everyone. Time to treat yourself a little bit!

#LIFESTYLE · 14. février 2019
In 2019 Le Hameau takes you on three different vintage car rides, on your way to discover the splendid landscapes of Provence. The first will take place on march 31, with a route passing by river Rhône, its ancient ruins and wineries.

#NATURE · 08. février 2019
Springtime is coming and Le Hameau becomes a holistic hotspot with its new program, “marvelous Hameau”, teaming up with its yoga retreat partner « Les Merveilles » (Marvels) a creator of one-of-a-kind experiences of healing and well being.

#FOOD · 28. janvier 2019
Cicada, the Hameau’s gourmet table has been awarded with a prestigious Michelin star. A landmark highlighting Stephane Paroche’s work, who has been cooking during two years at Cicada, initiating an all fresh and natural signature style gourmet eating.

18. décembre 2018
Creativity can be learned. Being innovative everyday on the work field takes practice. Ideation process expert Remi Sabouraud will host a fun, exciting seminar to learn how to master those arts, from 18 to 19 march 2019.

#FOOD · 26. novembre 2018
It is in a hotel metamorphosed by Christmas fairy that Stephan Paroche has devised exceptional menus for the holidays. And if this year you do not take care of anything? Put away the cookbooks, from December 24 to January 1, Cicada takes care of everything.

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