Le Comptoir du Hameau

As you stroll around the Hameau des Baux, let yourself be tempted by our boutique, an inspired selection of delightful accessories, local gourmet products, authentic treatments, French elegance or hip gifts.  ffordable or more exclusive, you can enjoy or offer the full range of pleasures at the boutique: feel good, entertain yourself, imagine, dream, curl up, have fun or simply enjoy yourself.


The « Eaux Contemporaines » by Thirdman,

a new take on the traditional cologne. These five Eaux Vives (Eau Monumentale, Eau Profonde, Eau Contraire and Eau Inexplicable) strive for perfection with their simplicity, for elegance with their discretion, for freedom with their modernity.


Actes Sud at Hameau des Baux

With more than 300 references selected

by Actes Sud, Arles’ booksellers, among topics dealing with fine arts, region, nature, well-being, cooking,  and detective novels, comics and books for children.




The Rocking Company at Hameau des Baux

Exclusively for Hameau des Baux, the manufacturer The Rocking Company has created a capsule collection : La Chaise du Hameau.


In a bohemian chic spirit,

shopping bags by Muse de Provence, unique hand-stitched pieces, hats in natural materials

and trendy shapes.
Beach tunics, men swinsuits by Gili’s.


Handmade jewels from the Rosekafé's workshop in Marseille, in 925° silver or silver-gilt, semi-precious stones. The beauty of leather by Maison Vaincourt : bracelets, cuffs, mini bags and clutches. Charlie Watch : made in France, the watches give priority to quality and design.


Shower gels for body and hair, facial cares with a healthy-glow effect or body scrubs made of flowers and olive leaves, the brand Une Olive en Provence offers a wide range of « nature » beauty treatments for body and face.


For the children (and also for the adults),

bright or soft coloured cuddly toys, hand crocheted, by Anne Claire Petit.



In plain fluo mohair or 100% wool with traditional Camargue patterns. They are made by the Provencal manufacturer Brun de Vian Tiran, a famous Franch brand that has carried on the traditional work of wood textile over the past two centuries.



Stoles bearing Hameau des Baux’s logo, weaved in France by Ateliers Guillaumond. A selection of coloured ponchos in mohair.

The scarves with graphic patterns by Elsa Poux for Mapoésie to light up or to warm up


Between art and design, enter the poetic universe of Stéphanie Radenac for original gifts : precious time checkbooks, the sentimental hot water bottle (to fill with hot water and to wear on your heart), jewels : medals radiant or a sparkling laugh, reinvented rosaries in porcelain..



Green fruity from Hameau des Baux : our olive trees gave birth to a light and balanced oil tasting artichoke and tomato leaves. And also green fruity from Moulin Saint-Jean and its flavor of freshly cut grass, and two black fruity from Moulin Jean-Marie Cornille, flavors of black olive, cocoa, sourdough bread and truffles and Cuvee Traditionnelle.



To play with your family, games of chess, backgammon, dominoes, or fun and intriguing card games : Speedmonster, Sardines or Bogoss…


Inspiration diaries to remember Hameau des Baux. Perpetual diaries, travel diaries, original bookmarks or stunning cardboard vases created by Octaevo, a brand from Barcelone..



New Jumo Concept revived this historical and iconic item from 1944 in Bakelite and arm in brass. Available in black or white. The vases or bowls in soft silicone by Gaetano Pesce, the famous Italian designer, are recognisable by their crazy and playful style.


 To bring a piece of Provence at home, find out the candles in biscuit porcelain created by Christian Lacroix for Welton London. By Fornasetti, associating the dreamlike drawings of the creator to fragrances that are sometimes spicy, sometimes floral, marine or warm.